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The choice to bring a new pup home is a big one, and it’s one you’ll want to make thoughtfully and carefully. While many dogs are well-suited for apartment living, others may not be comfortable without their own yard or living in close proximity to others. When choosing your new dog, you’ll want to consider several factors, first.

Before you begin researching the ideal dog for you, check your community’s pet policies for size and weight limits. Be aware of any fees you may need to pay, and check in with your management team to ensure that you’re clear on the process. Next, you’ll want to start thinking about your own personality and lifestyle, and choose a dog to match them well. 

Choosing the right dog also means choosing how to adopt. Whether you’re a rescue dog person or prefer a breeder is an important distinction to make. Ultimately, the more time you spend searching for the right fit for you, the more likely it is you’ll start off your new life as a pet owner on the right foot. 

Here are simple tips to help you choose the best dog for you.

Choose Based on Size
Before you start searching for the right breed and dog for you, check your community’s pet policies for weight and size limits. Once you know what size dog is allowed in your apartment, take time to do your research, keeping in mind what level of activity you’re ready to commit to. Smaller dogs tend to do better in apartments as they need less space to roam around in and be comfortable. If a larger breed is your preference, you may want to choose a breed that has a lower activity level and will be comfortable without a yard to roam in. 

Choose for Temperament
As with any relationship, you’ll want to choose a dog whose personality and temperament matches your own. For some dog owners, high energy, active dogs are a perfect fit, while for others, a more docile lap dog is their preference. You may want a social, outgoing pup or a quiet, calm pup who likes to cuddle at home. Whatever you do, make sure to choose a dog whose temperament matches your lifestyle.

Choose for Noise Control
Living in an apartment means having neighbors close by, and you’ll want to ensure that you bring home a pup that won’t be disruptive or loud. Some breeds of dog tend to bark more than others, so it’s important to research a dog that suits your size requirements, personality and need for quiet.

Adult Versus Puppy
Consider whether you’re up to the task of raising a puppy versus bringing home an adult dog. Puppies require a lot of care and training to start. They also may need more frequent vet visits in the beginning as they work on getting their shots up to date. Adult dogs come with their own specific needs, depending on their age. Some adult dogs may need extensive training and they can take longer to adjust to change than puppies do. Be sure to choose the age that’s right for you.

Breeder or Rescue Dog

Do you prefer to adopt from a local rescue? Or would you rather seek out a breeder? Choosing a breeder can be costly, but it may give you more freedom in finding exactly the right dog for you. Adopting from a rescue gives a good dog a safe home, and it is less expensive and often easier to access. But adopting might mean bringing home a dog who has a past that will need your attention. Think about your priorities and goals in adopting, and choose the right source for you.

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