10 Simple Hacks for a Stress-Free Move

Moving to a new apartment is an exciting time, but it also comes with a fair amount of stress. Even if you’ve moved many times, you know there is more to moving than packing and unpacking boxes.

Whether it’s preparing a budget, setting up utilities, hiring movers and finding care on moving day for pets and young kids, it’s important to plan ahead to avoid last minute chaos and headaches during your move.

Here are 10 simple hacks to help you make this your most stress-free move yet!

Transfer/Set Up Utilities
Before you begin, transfer and set up utilities as needed, ahead of your moving day. You won’t want to show up on day one and discover you have no water, and having internet access available to you will be key in your first few days in your new home.

Set a Budget
We know that moving is expensive, but with a clear plan and a solid budget, it doesn’t have to break your bank account or your back. Set a budget to make it easier to hire movers, choose packing supplies and find child and pet care for your loved ones on the day of your move. Once you know what you’re working with, you can make good choices to support a smooth move.

Hire Movers
Price out movers, and hire an affordable team with a good reputation. Hiring movers will not only speed up your moving day process, but it will ensure that your belongings are moved efficiently and with care. Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and having a team of experienced professionals helping you do it will make all the difference.

Donate/Sell/Throw Away
Before you plan to pack your first box, go through your home and purge the items you don’t wish to take with you. Donate, sell or throw away items that no longer fit, work or serve you. You’ll go into the packing process feeling a lot lighter, and you’ll save some time and money on packing, while you’re at it.

Plan Packing Supplies
Take an inventory of your belongings, and plan out supplies you’ll need to get started. Consider how many wardrobe boxes you’ll need to move clothes on hangers, and how many boxes or suitcases you already own. Take stock of kitchen items and other breakables, and be sure to choose boxes in multiples sizes to accommodate items of varying weight.

Moving Day Essentials
Pack a cooler with cold drinks and snacks, a small suitcase with change of clothes, clean towels, sheets and toiletries and a box of necessary kitchen items that you can unpack at the end of the long day. You’ll want to make sure you keep important documents and anything valuable with you as you move, and you’ll want to ensure that you have the basics in hand at the end of the day, so you can kick back and relax in your new home.

Important Documents
Before you begin packing away your home, gather up all important and necessary documents and store them in an easy to get to container or box that you can keep with you on moving day.

Towels and Linens for the Win
Rather than pack boxes full of soft, fluffy towels and linens, put those items to good use as packing materials and save money and space. Layer towels between breakable items, picture frames, or small paintings. Wrap thick sheets around artwork, lamps and vases. You can use socks and dish towels to wrap and pack sharp kitchen utensils, as well.

Label & Photograph Your Box Contents
You’ll make your unpacking process both faster and easier on the other side, if you make sure to clearly label boxes and snap pictures of the contents of important boxes. If you’ve hired movers and want to make sure boxes end up in the right rooms, label boxes with color coding that corresponds to rooms in your new apartment. While getting the boxes out and into your new home is important, that unpacking process awaits. Make your life easier by staying organized and prepared.

Pets and Kids
Moving day will be busy and long, no matter how efficient your movers are. Plan to have your pets and/or your kids taken care of and out of the way so that you and your movers can get down to business without worries. Some pets have a hard time transitioning into a new home, and it may be helpful to bring their beds and toys into the apartment right away to give them familiarity when they arrive. Young kids can have a hard time adjusting, as well. Be sure to have their favorite toys, blankets and comfort items available to them on that first night in your new home.

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