Tips on Saving Energy this Fall and Winter

The season of brisk, early mornings and crisp, cozy evenings is here, with autumn in full effect and the holidays and winter following close behind. Before you know it, you’ll be closing your windows to keep out the chill, covering up in fuzzy socks and scarves and turning up the heat inside your apartment to keep you warm. 

If the thought of your upcoming power bill gives you the shivers, and you want to save energy and money during these cooler months, you’re in good luck. Simple changes to your apartment and your habits can make a big dent in your electric bill, and in the amount of energy you use on a daily basis. You won’t have to wear a down parka at home, or sit still in front of a space heater to stay warm, cozy and comfortable, either.

Here are some of the most effective tips on saving energy in your home this fall and winter to keep you comfortable indoors, without breaking your bank account.

Work Your Windows
Install thick curtains or drapes on your biggest windows and keep these closed in the evenings, when temperatures drop. During the day, keep your window coverings pulled back and open to allow sun to come into your rooms and provide natural heat to your living spaces and bedrooms. You’ll maximize natural light and heat while minimizing heat loss overnight and boost your indoor temperature without having to pump up your thermostat.

Manage Your Thermostat
Before you leave for work, turn your thermostat down by 10%, turning it back up again once you arrive home. At bedtime, turn the thermostat down, once again, and bundle up in bed with extra warm blankets. You’ll see an immediate reduction in your electric bill of up to 10-15% just from making this simple adjustment in how you manage your thermostat.

Switch Light Bulbs
Make the switch from incandescent bulbs to CFL bulbs (compact flurescent) or LED bulbs, and see an immediate reduction in your electric/lighting costs. On dark evenings, you’ll have bright, warm lights without draining energy, and save money and resources along the way.

Unplug Devices
Your many in-home devices (TVs, computers and other gadgets) are sucking energy all day and night, until you unplug them. Walking around your home and unplugging each and every item may not be ultra convenient, so try installing a power strip to your TV, computer, DVD player, etc., and turn it off when those devices are not in use. When you’re home and need to power back up, turn the power strip back on, and you’ll be back in electronic business without needlessly wasting energy.

Making these small changes will help you avoid costly energy bills while preserving natural resources. You can also rest easy and comfortably at home knowing you’re protecting your savings and your environment. It’s a win-win, all season long!